Welcome to Hashtag Alamtg!

What’s Hashtag Alamtg?

It’s Alameda’s new local politics radio show on 96.1 KACR FM, Alameda Community Radio┬áhosted by Angela Hockabout. Twice a month, she’ll review what happened at the most recent city council meeting and take a look at what’s on the agenda for the next one.

Where does that that name come from?

Hashtag Alamtg, or #Alamtg is the twitter hashtag used to discuss what’s going on at city council meetings during Alameda’s city council meetings. There’s also #oakmtg and #berkmtg. Join us there on city council nights and become part of the conversation!

When can I listen?

A regular broadcast schedule is yet to be determined, but our first show aired on Sunday, August 6th. After broadcast, episodes are available for download on our Episodes page.